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How Celebrity Opinion Has Helped Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency developed by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, an Australian. Launched in 2013 as a joke, it is now listed on popular crypto exchanges like Binanace, Huobi Global, and HBTC. Since its inception, this coin is known for donating to causes and charities. When compared with Bitcoin, where its supply is limited, […]

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Injective & BSC to Upgrade Binance Blockchain Partnership

Injective partners announced their integration with Binance Smart Chain to hasten the process of acquiring outsourced products. Binance has first partnered with the Injective protocol to achieve the common goals and empower new initiatives in the decentralized finance space. The partnership has deepened with the launch of the Initial exchange offer. Together, they have developed […]

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Swingby Teams with Bluzelle Oracle for Skybridge Tool

Taking the crypto industry in a storm with its robust cross-chain swapping protocol hub, Swingby has announced its partnership with Bluzelle, a decentralized data storage channel for DApps. The integration will boost the risk management standards of Swingby’s highly-anticipated Bitcoin to Ethereum bridge named Skybridge. The project is scheduled for a big launch on December […]

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ISTARDUST Collaborates with Stream Protocol

ISTARDUST is a blockchain-powered digital platform that connects subscribers, influencers, and businesses from all corners of the world to generate revenue or to donate money to the media industries. In this process of generating revenue, many unfair incomes get shared for inefficient content production. To overcome this drawback on the platform, ISTARDUST has joined hands […]

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Russia to Develop AI-based Crypto Transaction Monitoring System

With the prototype already in use, Russia is developing an AI-based monitoring system to keep a close eye on all cryptocurrency transactions. The Russian government is reportedly spending millions on building a system that monitors the digital money with the help of artificial intelligence. The said system will analyze and track all transactions involving Monero, […]

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Reapit Joins IPN Consortium to Develop a DLT-based System

Recently, the U.K.’s largest estate agency platform, Reapit, has decided to join the IPN consortium, which is an association of firms dedicated to developing a Distributed Ledger Technology-based system. This technology enables customers to examine the home buying process thoroughly from their cell phones very conveniently. The blockchain consortium was introduced last year and consists […]

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South Korea is Establishing as a Global Leader in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Over the last couple of years, South Korea, which was considered a relative crypto backwater, has rapidly emerged to become one of the world’s largest markets for cryptocurrencies. A generation of young and frustrated South Koreans, looking for a way out of their dead-end investment prospects, has helped in turning the country into a capital […]

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