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How Poker Could Boost Bitcoin’s Standing

Despite having attained record-high prices this year, Bitcoin remains a mysterious and often-discounted asset in too much of the world. And, it seems that there are those interested in Bitcoin as an investment and those who have written off cryptocurrency altogether — and not very many in between. This appears to be the case for […]

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Why Corporate Is Taking Bitcoin?

Thanks to the excitement produced from its skyrocketing rate, Bitcoin has started entering the mainstream. People are finding new ways to get into the Bitcoin world. It has increased the prices of GPUs since many people want to set up new mining rigs. Governments are discussing the best ways to regulate cryptos. Another big player […]

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Why the Supply of Bitcoin is Limited to 21 Million

Bitcoin has been designed with blockchain technology with the principle of controlling its supply, which means only a fixed amount of newly mined Bitcoins can be mined each year until 21 million coins are mined. The supply of Bitcoins is fixed at one block every 10 minutes. The number of Bitcoins released in these blocks […]

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How to Sell Bitcoins: A Newcomer’s Guide for 2021

Introduction Bitcoin is one of the most sought-after financial assets of 2021. It is growing in value at a significantly high rate and providing opportunities for profitable investments. Selling Bitcoin (BTC) has become the new profession for investors and traders around the world. However, people new to the cryptocurrency world are less privy to the […]

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How Will Bitcoin Impact The Price of Gold?

Bitcoin is not only the king of cryptocurrencies but also popularly known as digital gold among cryptocurrency investors and traders.  While gold is a traditional asset for investment, Bitcoin is unique as it is based on Blockchain technology. It is volatile in nature, and its price trends are powered by the dynamics of demand and […]

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Why Should You Own at Least 0.0025 Bitcoin?

Overview Everyone can’t invest or own Bitcoin. Since its inception from 2009 to towards the end of the mining cycle 2140, the total number of Bitcoins to be mined is 21 million. Currently, Bitcoin’s value is entirely different, and it is surging to great heights, with its current value of 55,618.53 USD, and still, it […]

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What Happens to Bitcoin When it Expires?

An Introduction Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 by Santoshi Nakamoto. It is supported by blockchain technology and has a cap of 21 million. Currently, there are 18,595,975 in the market. The Bitcoins systematically add up to the block after every ten minutes. And as it grows, the Bitcoin put into the system is halving every […]

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What’s the Future of Bitcoin?

The market cap of Bitcoin as of 1st of January 2020 was $130,580,829,150. This year, the first crypto token’s market cap reached an all-time high at 600 billion USD; the market cap is the product of the total number of bitcoins in circulation multiplied by its price. A lot of speculation surrounds the cryptocurrency space […]

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Is it too late to Invest in Bitcoin?

An Overview Bitcoin was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias for an individual or a group which nobody is sure about. It was released in 2009 as open-source software. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that is not under the control of any Government or Central Bank and can be transacted between users […]

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