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What are fan tokens? – Its working & role in utility assets

Fan tokens or digital assets pegged to a specific team or individual athlete’s success, have been gaining popularity within the sports industry. The idea is that these fan tokens incentivize fans to participate in an exclusive online community in exchange for rewards related to merchandise discounts, VIP access experiences, and even game tickets. Furthermore, since […]

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US BTC Mining Firm Core Scientific to List on NASDAQ

Eminent administrator in the blockchain and Bitcoin mining market space ‘Core Scientific’ has declared consolidation with Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corporation. The United States established BTC operative through this alliance will be listed on Nasdaq. The business settlement with the specially targeted financing firm would generate an aggregate revenue profit worth $4.3 billion. The […]

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Terra Virtua and Utopia Genesis Join Hands

Terra Virtua and Utopia Genesis Foundation join hands to connect with the mainstream audience through blockchain technology. Utopia will not only distribute royalties but also tokenize them from music. They will use the data to reduce their costs while increasing their revenues and speedup payment cycles. Utopia will use cutting-edge analytics and make a […]

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Mirror Protocol Integrates with Band Protocol

The partnership between Mirror Protocol and Band Protocol is proving strategically important due to its relevance for investors worldwide. Mirror Protocol is a decentralized protocol in the financial ecosystem which has pioneered the concept of mAssets (synthetic assets). Its association with the Band Protocol has resulted in the integration of decentralized, low-latency oracles providing the […]

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South Korea is Establishing as a Global Leader in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Over the last couple of years, South Korea, which was considered a relative crypto backwater, has rapidly emerged to become one of the world’s largest markets for cryptocurrencies. A generation of young and frustrated South Koreans, looking for a way out of their dead-end investment prospects, has helped in turning the country into a capital […]

Keep Reading Ventures Invested in the Decentralized-ledger-gaming Platform, Enjin Ventures, the capital fund, and sister unit of the blockchain development company Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. announced an undisclosed amount of investment in the project building and blockchain gaming company Enjin (ENJ). Enjin provides blockchain support for gaming companies and over 40 different games and several individual NFT items. They enable developers to incorporate tradable […]

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Luxury Electric Car Firm Explores Blockchain; Enables Bitcoin Payment Options

Southern California-based luxury electric cars manufacturer and high-tech incubator—Karma Automotive has recently announced that the company’s flagship store in Newport Beach, California will now be accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. Besides illustrating Karma’s commitment to its VVIP customers, this initiative will further instate its shareholder’s expertise in blockchain technology, and thus re-establish the […]

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YES Bank Hopes High on API and Blockchain Technology

YES Banks, which is a leading private sector lender, is excited about its prospects in API banking platform and key blockchain initiatives as a crucial part of its transaction banking services. Asit Oberoi, Senior Group President and Global Head, asserted, YES bank has amassed more than 1000 clients in API banking till date ever since […]

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