Gerald Butler

Gerald has been engaged in the financial markets since 2005. He is double graduate with economics and social communication. In his initial career years, he worked as a news writer and later as an analyst in a foremost financial firms. After joining CryptoInvoke, he is working as a news editor covering cryptocurrency news with latest trends and analysis.
Doris Faulk

Doris Faulk is a experienced financial expert and recently joined CryptoInvoke with main aim to provide up-to-date market information regarding world’s leading cryptocurrencies. His news stories help readers to get comprehensive knowledge of what’s happening in crypto markets. He is important asset to our team due to his qualities like professionalism and strong analytical skills.
Paul Browder

Paul Browder is an industry veteran with over 10 years of experience in finance and cryptocurrency market. During past decade he was avid trader and he took his trading and analysis skill to the next level. He serves CryptoInvoke team with his skills to curate quality content for latest trends and news of cryptocurrencies and market.
Richard McCallum

Richard McCallum joined CryptoInvoke in 2018 as a news writer and strategist. He curates latest news stories regarding cryptocurrencies and leads writers team for quality and up-to-date news articles. He also frequently writes about price analysis of different cryptocurrencies. He provides full coverage on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Fred Craig

Fred Craig joined CryptoInvoke as a writer and market analyst with a mission to provide quality newsfeeds on market trends. He has post graduate degree in finance. He is passionate about gripping cryptocurrency market and thus he worked on market analysis and curating news stories for latest cryptocurrency market trends.

About CryptoInvoke

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