DeXe Network and Elrond Join Hands to Enhance DeFi Acquisition

DeXe Network and Elrond Join Hands to Enhance DeFi Acquisition

DeXe Network has collaborated and entered into a partnership venture with Elrond Ltd. to augment and enhance every single process within DeXe’s platform more, better, faster, and that to available lower costs for its users or traders and investors.

DeXe Network is a decentralized social crypto trading Platform. It is an online trading platform where the traders or investors can invest and manage their cryptocurrency assets portfolio that has devolved as well as self-sufficient characteristics or nature.

DeXe platform functions and operates through independent smart contracts. Mostly, DeXe users can connect their DeXe.Network with most of the centralized trading exchanges. Elrond is a blockchain protocol founded to provide a solution of scalability issues.

Elrond project can be defined as an ecosystem for the new internet, which includes fintech, DeFi and the IoT and its smart contracts execution platform. Elrond’s platform can process many transactions in parallel, producing huge cost and time savings due to usage of Adaptive State Sharding.

Going further, in this partnership venture blockchain technology being secure, powerful, and massively scalable and due to usage of Adaptive State Sharding. Thus, the amalgamation and combination of Elrond and DeXe’s network was decided upon usage of their partner Orion Protocol’s aggregation of liquidity from several decentralized & centralized exchanges to offer DeXe’s users with access to the best liquidity, which is significant for accomplishing large trades without any slippage. In the case of integration where Elrond helps to cut the essential expenses and outflow of resources.

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