Crypto Fund Pantera Capital Seeks $175 Million for Third Crypto Venture Fund

Recent reports suggest that the Pantera Capital, a San Francisco based firm, is seeking to generate $175 million worth crypto fund which will be its third venture fund. The company has made its name by investing in the market with a variety of digital assets, and it made a big jump when it decided to get its third fund.

The debut fund deployed $13 million and $25 million were raised for their second ventures which close sometime around 2013. The leap of funds is remarked by Paul Veradittakit, firm partner, as the result of fast-moving time and abundance of talent coming in. He hints about the interesting investment option coming soon and wishes to make the market sustainable for that.

The fate of the opening or closing of $175 million will remain a question until achieved. Interestingly, reports by SEC prove that Pantera has already collected $71 million under its name so far. It receives as a form of capital investments from 90 investors.

Pantera Capital sure knows how to manage their funds, investors and their funds all at once as it isn’t the first venture that is gearing towards success. Like most of the major venture funds, it focuses on 10-year investment length and includes traditional checks and exchanges for small equity amounts. Moreover, the same company is also handling three digital strategies as its concern this year.

One of the newest funds focuses determinedly on coin offerings. For this Pantera concerns itself with buying pre-sale ICO, when it is in its budding time with just a white paper to its name. Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera, confirms that this, in turn, helps them in getting the right connections regardless of it being a business or marketing development. These funds have an indefinite fund life, where the investors can choose their period.

Another two of these strategies are hedge funds. Morehead confirms that one of it is Bitcoin which made a substantial profit for a long time and provided investors with more than their expectations. Just weeks ago, he declared the 10,136.15% net growth their projected acquired.


The last of its funds will be investing majorly in cryptocurrency dealing with exchanges. It is a strategy where the computer learns algorithmic investments in digital currencies and includes input from the top people of the Pantera Capital.
About this Veradittakit remarks that if one isn’t sure about the existence or survival of Bitcoin as the dominant cryptocurrency, or you are unaware about the uses of it, or if you are wondering about the assets that return same as Bitcoin, the last strategy if for them. In short, these funds and Pantera’s digital strategies are for all those who don’t believe in their profitable or efficient Bitcoin outcome.
If this project and the current nature of market rates are to count, it may be one of the most challenging funds for Pantera so far. The asset class investors are always willing to wait for some time before they start expecting their returns, but in the case of Pantera, it has taken tokens, Blockchain, crypto assets, digital currency and more on its hand. It suggests that it may be even longer than the potential time needed for the returns in this case.
But the company’s CEO and employees aren’t concerned about this as they have made a fund with all such concerns into actions. And there is already a steady stream of guaranteed Pantera investments funds such as Xapo, Ripple, and BitStamp to name a few. Some recently invested funds are Veem Polychain, Z Cash, Abra and Chain to curb your curiosity as a knowledgeable crypto reader.
Pantera has seen successful investments resulting in more than one of these crypto venture funds, so it is not completely off-the-base or unreliable. However, only the time will tell the facts, but for now, it is clear that the company has a lot of funds in its name to focus on the exchanges globally. Apart from that, it has sources from Coinbase and Blockchain enterprise companies.
Even though it is still early to make a clear assumption, but when it is time for the returns, there will be several companies on its heel to give more opportunities to its investors, but hopefully by then, Pantera will have every cryptocurrency resource it needs.

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