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Launched in 2017, InteractiveCrypto is fastly becoming the leading cryptocurrency platform. The site offers the latest crypto news, educational articles and guides, in-depth studies, expert opinions, information on trading, and the best brokers for cryptocurrency trading, along with digital wallets. 

All the cryptocurrency information and news offered on the InteractiveCrypto platform is based on comprehensive market research, so visitors gain access to accurate and recent information from the crypto space. The latest market updates are also available via a mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android. 

A Platform for All Levels and Interest of Investors

With a mission to be the most complete and professional source of information on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies’ news, InteractiveCrypto satisfies both novice and experienced investors and traders in cryptocurrencies.

People are interested in Bitcoin and blockchain development for a variety of reasons. From trading and investing in mining and developing. That is why InteractiveCrypto provides news and education covering the entire range and breadth of virtual currencies.

Standout Features of the Platform

The InteractiveCrypto platform also provides indicators and robust technical analysis. With this, traders can review the results of technical analysis for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin and Ether to Polkadot and Cosmos, visitors can check the key indicators signal across various time frames. For instance, they can see the moving averages line and overall indicators signal for Bitcoin across 5-minute, 15-minute, hourly, and daily charts.

Other Key Features of the Platform:

Crypto News

Visitors can access the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency space with this feature, along with expert opinions and analysis. For instance, traders can read about how the cryptocurrency market has been doing after the US presidential elections. They can check whether the results have impacted volatility levels or whether the market sees greater stability now that the results are out.

Traders can also learn about new developments, such as Coinbase introducing a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. The new technology will speed up Ethereum transactions and make them cheaper. This could impact market sentiment and demand for ETH. The stepping down of crypto exchange BitMEX’s CEO, following criminal charges being filed against him, could be a cause for concern for market participants.

On the other hand, many might not be familiar with the recently launched GoldToken, the value of which is backed in physical gold. The crypto news feature offers these insights, helping traders make informed investment decisions.

Among the features that users can access are live rates of cryptocurrencies. The user can choose to view the price of a specific digital currency against a fiat currency, such as BTC/USD, or against another cryptocurrency, such as BTC/ETH. These rates can be seen in real-time for informed trading decisions.

Users can also set watchlists on their favorite cryptocurrencies and be alerted to price moves, latest news, and reviews.

Crypto Reviews

The cryptocurrency space is a rapidly developing one, with new coins being launched at regular intervals. With the crypto Reviews segment, InteractiveCrypto offers traders of all skill levels an avenue to learn more about each coin. 

From this segment, they can choose any cryptocurrency and read crucial information about their ecosystem and the blockchain technology they are based on. Traders can also check the coin’s historical price performance and how it compares to other digital currencies.

Reviews are updated continuously so that visitors always have access to the latest information.

Broker Reviews

Cryptocurrencies have gained favor among traders not only due to the numerous trading opportunities that their volatility offers. They have seen an increase in popularity, especially in 2020, since their value remains unaffected by the geopolitical and economic factors that influence other assets’ price movements. With the covid-19 pandemic persisting through the year, economies worldwide have been severely hit, as have fiat currencies.

This has raised cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, to safe-haven investments, along the lines of gold. With the rising popularity of digital assets, the number of traders, both new and experienced, has also seen a significant rise. When there is a rise in demand for a service, it is only natural for service providers to mushroom to fulfill the supply gap.

The cryptocurrency space has seen a similar mushrooming of brokers, with traders now being spoiled for brokerage firms’ choice. This creates confusion in deciding which broker to open an account with. Every firm offers similar services while claiming reliable and trustworthy, assuring low latency trade execution and tight spreads.

InteractiveCrypto offers comprehensive reviews for hundreds of brokers operating in the cryptocurrency market. Each broker review provides information about the firm’s history, client base, track record, and financial instruments offered for trading.

Also, traders can check the process for deposits and withdrawals, security measures, customer services offered, and commission and fees charged. For an informed decision, traders can also check a table of pros and cons, which provides information on the brokers.

InteractiveCrypto also rates the brokers and informs visitors on their top picks with in-depth reviews.

Wallet Reviews

To trade cryptocurrencies directly on the exchange, traders first need to open an exchange wallet. This is where the cryptos they purchase will be stored while they hold on to the digital currency. InteractiveCrypto offers reviews of a wide range of exchange wallets, from the most popular exchanges to the latest entrant in the market. Each review provides essential information on the wallet, launching date, and exchange information. Also, the key features of the wallet are described. The user interface, security features, fees, market’s and customer services have also been reviewed for each wallet.

How to get started with the wallet and its pros and cons are reviewed. Traders can also check the consumer ratings given to the wallet on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


With cryptocurrency still being a new market, knowledge is vital for long-term trading success. For this, InteractiveCrypto offers rich educational resources in the form of articles and guides. It provides information suited to beginners in the crypto world, such as what cryptocurrencies and blockchain are and how they work, and trading strategies for skilled traders. The education segment covers a wide range of topics.

Traders can learn about every aspect of the crypto market through these resources. Topics such as choosing a broker, choosing the best crypto exchange, and ways to trade digital currencies, including derivative instruments like CFDs, legit bitcoin mining without investment, and how it works, have been addressed.

The educational resources are available only for registered members of InteractiveCrypto. 

Cryptocurrency Community

InteractiveCrypto has become a hub for the digital community. With a dedicated following on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, their monthly newsletter is sent to over 15,000 people. They also invite press release submissions from Bitcoin, blockchain, technology, cryptocurrency, ICO, fintech, and finance companies.

Registering on the Platform

Signing up to be a member is a simple two-step process. Visitors simply provide necessary contact information, such as their name, email address, region, and phone number. Once the phone number is verified via SMS code, the user’s account is activated. This offers access to the various features of the platform.

Once a user registers on the platform, they can customize the news and alerts they wish to receive. Members can create their own watchlist on the InteractiveCrypto platform, so they stay updated on their selected cryptocurrencies in real-time. With the mobile app, users can receive notifications directly on their mobile phones, ensuring that they never lose touch with the market, even on the go.

Chief Operating Officer at InteractiveCrypto, Yossef A, stated,

Our aim is to ease cryptocurrency trading and make it accessible to everyone. Therefore, we created a platform that does all the groundwork. You don’t need to be an expert to analyze the market and create a robust trading plan. Our team performs comprehensive market research to provide the most accurate data helping our members make informed trading decision.

About the Company

The team at InteractiveCrypto has over a decade of experience in the trading domain. Their experience with the financial markets and passion for trading led them to create a comprehensive platform that would ease crypto trading for people of all levels of experience.

The company has already garnered an active user base of over 100,000 customers from around the world. To offer a seamless experience to visitors, the InteractiveCrypto platform comes with an auto-translation feature regardless of their country. The platform’s main aim is to provide traders with all the information they need to get started. The mobile app is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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