Dubai on a Blockchain Expansion Spree Aims to Be a Blockchain-powered City by 2020

Dubai Blockchain City

Dubai is on its way to another breakthrough on the digital fronts. It has been anticipated to have a fair inclination towards the distributed ledger technology to facilitate transactions.

It is reported that the country will harness the raw availability of resources in blockchain, such as crypto experts, to foster the roadmap to The Dubai Blockchain Strategy for the year 2020.

The sessions of the global World Blockchain Summit are expected to cultivate an open forum for small scale industries, startups, investors as well as other service providers of the cryptocurrency industry to offer services targeted at niches including transportation, security services, healthcare, etc.

In a recent press release, it was mentioned that Dubai is embracing and endorsing the latest innovative startups based on blockchain to garner a robust system of its own blockchain endeavors.

Like every otherwise nation, Dubai is in the race to become the first country to have a complete transition to the blockchain-powered city. It aims to achieve it by the year 2020, in accordance with the enterprising ‘Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020’.

Dubai is promoting digital revolution globally through efficiently implementing the 3 fundamental strategic aspects of the initiative like Government efficiency, international management, and Industry creation.

A memorandum of understanding was agreed between Trescon and LEAD Ventures to host the 13th World Blockchain Summit edition. The agreement is aimed at the considerable importance of inviting investments into the UAE, luring in blockchain-based startups and service providers. Trescon is the business events and consulting corporation that operates globally and is specialized in generating highly targeted B2B exhibitions that link businesses and opportunities via expos, conferences, investor connect as well as consulting services.

Mohamed Al Banna, head and managing director of LEAD ventures, said that,

Mohamed Al Banna said

 Mohamed is also the chief guest at this, one of the most prominent blockchain events. World Blockchain Summit will be held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers through dates October 23-24, 2019.

The conference will be 3 days long and will involve a desert safari along with a party prior to the event and the Startup world cup, Pegasus Tech Ventures. It will create a set up for 15+ global startups who are on their way to inaugurate their company. This also includes ICOs and other established ones on an expansion strategy.

A recent press release enlisted the name of Exhibitors of the conference to include:

A recent press release

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