The Digital Assets Exchange In China Follows Strategic Practice By Joining Hands With GLASS


China’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain token exchange, Houbi which is one of the second largest globally, has executed tie-up with Global Liquidity and Settlement System Network (GLASS) as well as it invested in SharesPost through equity route.

SharePost is one of the renowned and leading solutions provider of liquidity on Private Growth Asset Class, wherein Global Liquidity and Settlement System Network is one of the decentralized liquidity and settlement networks for crypto trading platforms and crypto exchanges.

On the operations front, Huobi will start settling secondary trades of digital securities by US investors by strictly following the U.S. securities laws & regulations especially when the Global Liquidity and Settlement System Network becomes operational.

Accordingly to SharesPost, Houbi will be in a position to bring on board its sound customer base that comes around nine million that can transact by way of buying and selling orders across multiple exchanges (through a trading pair by pair bases) with the help of the  Global Liquidity and Settlement System in place.

As per the official source from SharesPost, Global Liquidity and Settlement System are designed where it offers sound infrastructure system for the blockchain community’s shared compliance and settlement. However, SharesPost will have separate licensed entities operating countrywise, for example for the U.S., it has U.S. Alternative Trading System (ATS), etc.

Let’s not forget that the blockchain technology can be used in a variety of ways by making the process more transparent and accountable!!

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