How Does Recruitment Work In The Blockchain Industry?

How Does Recruitment Work In The Blockchain Industry?

A job in the blockchain space is hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply for them! While this work isn’t a high-paying, glamorous field, it can offer a fulfilling and challenging career. Our job search guide will help you find your way to the right opportunities by providing information on how blockchain jobs are advertised, what blockchain recruiters look for in candidates and even some helpful links! So if you are already all set to apply for a role in the blockchain industry, here are some common steps that companies may take when recruiting:

Define the role and requirements

Companies, in general, start by identifying a specific set of skills and experience they are looking for in a candidate. This may include technical skills such as programming languages, familiarity with blockchain protocols, and softer skills such as communication and problem-solving.

This information is then used to create a job description that lists the relevant requirements for the role, and the company will post an open call for applications. Applicants must submit their profiles and be invited to an interview. Next, the right people are identified that can apply based on skill set, background and experience. Skills may include developers, designers, or business analysts, while experience may cover years of experience in a similar field.

More interviews with those people and the final selection of candidates follow this. The new hire then undergoes a complete onboarding process (including initial skills training) in preparation for their first day on-site at the company’s offices.

Source candidates

Blockchain staffing agencies, like Blockchain Staffing Ninja, use various methods to find potential candidates, including job boards, social media, and agencies. They may also reach out to industry associations or network with other professionals in the blockchain field to find qualified candidates. Companies commonly post jobs on job boards and often receive hundreds or even thousands of applications from far and near.

Depending on the type of job position for which you are looking to hire a candidate,  you can start searching for them on various prominent sources. For example,  LinkedIn is the best source today to start finding potential candidates using keywords relevant to the role. By reading up on a potential candidate’s profile, you can learn a lot about their skills, experience, etc., considering the position. You can also consider other popular sources, such as Indeed,, etc., to source candidates effectively.

Review resumes and conduct initial screening

Blockchain recruiters typically review resumes and conduct initial screening interviews to determine which candidates are the best fit for the role. This may include asking candidates about their relevant experience and technical skills. And if someone is selected for an interview, blockchain recruiters will ask various technical questions, such as ‘What was the first currency’ and behavioral questions, such as ‘How do you deal with pressure’?

If a candidate qualifies for this phase of the test, they, as part of the process, have to appear in an onsite technical test that involves programming and cryptography challenges, in general, including challenges with some familiar technologies such as Windows or SQL Server. If a candidate qualifies for this test, they are offered the job. In short, a leading blockchain recruitment agency may not be willing to work with candidates having no or too less experience in blockchain technology.

Conduct in-depth interviews

Companies, in general, conduct in-depth interviews with a smaller group of finalists. These interviews are crucial for recruiting blockchain developers for several reasons: They allow companies to understand how their potential candidates can interact with customers and how they can be most efficient. They help companies understand the experience level of their potential candidates, which will help them make the best decision at this stage. This may typically include technical skills assessments and behavioral and suitability interviews.

Make an offer

If a company decides to extend an offer to a candidate, they will typically outline the terms of the offer, including the salary, benefits, and start date. The candidate will then have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer, depending on their preferences and mindset.

If the candidate accepts the offer, they will be contacted to sign the employment contract and all parties will proceed with the process. If a company decides not to extend an offer, it will typically state a specific reason(s) that have led them to make this decision. This notice is typically sent via email.


Candidates today have high expectations regarding their life after joining a company. This means they expect the process to be swift and without any hurdles. They also expect to be part of an organization that accommodates technological aspects and their personal needs.

A typical onboarding process usually involves a new hire getting settled in at their desk and slowly getting introduced to the company’s culture, processes, products, services, and customers. This may include introducing the candidate to their new colleagues, imparting technical training, and/or helping with various onboarding tasks. Also, during this time, they are typically assigned specific projects that make them feel more like part of the team.


The world is changing as we know it, and the blockchain industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s world! However, with this rapid growth comes a shortage of qualified professionals to fill open positions.

To maintain their competitive edge, companies in the blockchain industry must focus on recruitment efforts to fill open positions. Understanding who their target audience is and how they recruit can help companies also succeed in retaining high-quality staff members. Hopefully, this article has furnished information about how our industry’s recruitment process works and identifies the most popular job functions to your satisfaction.

So if you are a company looking to hire the most proficient candidates for various roles, then you can count on the leading blockchain recruitment agency, Blockchain Staffing Ninja, which is committed to hiring only seasoned blockchain and crypto experts from far and wide without cutting any corners.

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