Can You Win Real Money in a Crypto Baccarat Game?

Can You Win Real Money in a Crypto Baccarat Game?


Baccarat, a well-known table game, may be found in both land-based and online casinos. For a long time, the game has been a fad and a popular pastime. Players are interested in playing online baccarat to win bitcoins once bitcoins were introduced in online betting. Bitcoin baccarat provides a platform for you to demonstrate your approach in table games and maybe win large. By studying its simple principles, one may quickly learn how to play bitcoin baccarat at online casinos.

What is Crypto Baccarat?

Baccarat has been an increasingly specialised game in casinos since the introduction of blackjack. Baccarat, on the other hand, has found new life with the surge in popularity of online gambling, notably bitcoin gaming. There are several advantages to utilising bitcoin to play baccarat over traditional currency: withdrawals are faster, players may deposit and play anonymously, and it is frequently less expensive. If you wish to play the time-honoured game of baccarat with bitcoin, keep reading for our thorough tutorial on how to play Bitcoin baccarat at cryptocurrency casinos. We’ll be focusing just on punto banco, the most popular baccarat version nowadays. 

Types of Baccarat

While basic Baccarat is available in many casinos, there are various versions to the game. Today, we’ll show you the most frequent form of the game.

  • Mini Baccarat — A popular version of Baccarat in which eight decks of cards are utilised instead of six as in regular online Baccarat games. The rules are the same as in regular Baccarat, however the stakes are substantially lower. This is basically a low-stakes variant of Baccarat.
  • Chemin De Fer — A French version in which players take turns being the Banker. Six decks of cards are used in the game. In addition, the cards are dealt face down.It is up to the player to decide whether or not to take a third card. This game requires more player engagement, so review the game’s regulations above.
  • EZ Baccarat – A faster variant of Baccarat that does not require a commission. There are also two side bets: Dragon 7 and Panda 8. The house edge on side bets is quite high.

How Crypto Baccarat Game Works?

In terms of rules and techniques, Bitcoin Baccarat is comparable to Punto Banco games seen in live casinos across the world. The main difference is that you’re wagering with Bitcoin rather than fiat money. The game’s rules are straightforward. The primary objective is to capture a hand at or around 9.

Each player will be dealt two cards at first. The point totals are then computed. Cards 2-9 keep their face value when it comes to card values. Aces are worth one point, whereas face cards and tens are worth nothing. If your hand has a total of 8 or 9, it is deemed “natural,” and you do not need to draw another card.

If the sum of the cards is more than 9, just one digit is tallied. For instance, if you have a 9 and a 7, your total will be 16. With the 1 removed, your total is six. You will stand if your hand is higher than 5. If your hand has a value between 0 and 5, you will be dealt a third card. If you draw a third card, the sum of your cards is determined.

The Banker (Dealer) will then take action. When the player hand does not take a third card, the Banker will stand on anything higher than 5 and draw on anything lower. If the player does draw a third card, the Banker will draw a card dependent on which card appears as the third.

Can You Win Real Money in a Crypto Baccarat Game?

So far, you may have thought that you are the Player and the house is the Banker. This is not the case: you can place a wager on either the Player or the Banker. Betting on the Banker entails a 5% fee paid to the house by the bettor. You may also place a tie bet, which is normally at odds of 8 to 1. Even after accounting for the 5% fee on Banker bets, the house edge in punto banco is rather low, at 1.24 percent for the Player and 1.06 percent for the Banker. When paid out at 8 to 1, the tie bet, on the other hand, has a massive 14.4 percent house edge. So, yeah there are multiple chances for the player to win in online Baccarat. If the player chooses a casino which has a reasonable house edge then the player has a good chance of making some money through best crypto baccarat sites

Benefits of Playing Crypto Baccarat

It’s difficult to pinpoint why people enjoy playing baccarat. Because of the game’s historical link with European royalty and exceedingly rich businesspeople, there is a culture of elegance and tradition around it. This illusion of exclusivity, however flimsy, attracts new players to the game. Punto banco is a basic and beginner-friendly game as well. It’s quite approachable because all of the player’s motions are pre-programmed and the action is simple to follow. Of course, the game is a lot of fun to play as well. It has that one-more-hand characteristic that keeps people playing for hours, much like blackjack.


You can play punto banco using bitcoins since, unlike regular cash, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with low transfer rates between banks. Also, because bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, it will continue to gain in value in the market, thus using it at online casinos is a wise decision. Players in this game will have to play with two cards, exactly like in regular baccarat, but bets will be put in bitcoin. As people get more interested in bitcoins, this is a fantastic location to make some money. The nicest feature is that bitcoin allows for quick withdrawals, as opposed to bank transfers, which might take days or even a week. When playing bitcoin baccarat, you may win some and lose some. What ultimately matters is that you have fun in a safe environment which bitcoin baccarat would provide to you.

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