Tony G Is Set to Host NLH Tournament on CoinPoker

Tony G Is Set to Host NLH Tournament on CoinPoker

The site has scheduled a No-Limit Hold’Em event on Thursday, January 27th, hosted by Tony G (Tw: @TonyGuoga), the all-time poker legend. Since the beginning of the year, the site has gone all out with Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT) along with cash games; also, it is currently launching a major event with a $100,000 Rebuy tournament.

Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik played a $ 2,000,000 pot on the CoinPoker platform earlier this week, shattering the record of $ 1,300,000 million took place in the most happening online poker. Tony G sponsored a $50,000 buy-in tournament earlier this month, which received a resounding reaction from players and fans alike, and has since sparked outrage in the online poker community, with monthly active users surpassing 5,000 and a daily addition of 200 participants from across the world.

Criteria to Attend this Tournament

  • The tournament will begin at 4:00 a.m. GMT on Thursday, January 27, 2022.
  • Anyone from anywhere around the world is welcome to participate.
  • To take part, you must first register: Registration for CoinPoker

What is MTT?

MTT (multi-table tournament) allows players from all over the world to participate by paying a buy-in and receiving loads of chips. Players will get fired once chips are out. But that’s not all; while playing Rebuy tournament, if you break all of your chips within a specific amount of time from the start, you may buy another stack.

About CoinPoker

CoinPoker is a new, transparent, and exciting poker game for players all over the world, brought to you by an ambitious team of poker enthusiasts. It employs USDT stable coin as the primary in-game money and $CHP as a utility token, both of which are based on groundbreaking Blockchain technology.

Players can use $CHP and BTC to make rapid and safe transactions. Furthermore, there are no KYC checks – the benefits our players receive, as well as large promotions that give away thousands of dollars each week.

The CoinPoker platform’s native currency is $CHP. Players receive exclusive perks and help fund future advancements in our community.

About XRP Poker

XRP Poker is the leading digital coin in terms of market cap, and hundreds of players utilize it to wager on the table, including poker. All XRP poker-related bets are accepted at the famous Ripple poker tables and their various versions. Ripple online casinos provide XRP poker with a variety of benefits, incentives, and features. Click on the link to learn more about XRP poker.

Due to the international blockade, cryptocurrencies such as Ripple have gained traction and have made their way into the world of poker.

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