NFL Star Dez Bryant Joins Hands with Chainlink for NFT Production

NFL Star Dez Bryant Joins Hands with Chainlink for NFT Production

Chainlink oracle solutions are renowned for catering to numerous industry needs, and NFL star Dez Bryant seems to agree. The player with three Pro Bowl appearances recently started supporting cryptocurrencies. Dez’s most recent support came in the form of a partnership with Chainlink.

As the league’s former leading touchdown scorer, Dez’s popularity is a given. Traditional API providers are using Chainlink oracles to access and sell data in these new blockchain-based sports markets. According to this Chainlink price prediction, the Chainlink (LINK) price might surprise investors, reaching a peak around $42-$52 and, by 2022, going up to $44.

Last summer, Dez Bryant also purchased a bored Ape and soon used it as the Twitter profile picture. 

Dez also started an athlete-focused platform called Personal Corner in 2016. The center started as an initiative limited to athletes; however, it quickly turned into Dez’s NFT initiative called Juggernauts.

The NFL star has decided to collaborate with Chainlink to bring dynamic NFTs to the Personal Corner ecosystem. The non-fungible tokens will use data feeds from Chainlink to change their figures according to the NFL players’ performance. Thus, when any onboarded player reaches specific thresholds like a touchdown, the NFT will be modified accordingly.

The capability brings something new to the growing NFT industry by adding blockchain in Chainlink. The oracle solution has already worked with several renowned ventures, especially where speed and precision were of utmost importance. Associated Press and AccuWeather are two of the projects that incorporated Chainlink to render esteemed results.

This is not Chainlink’s first movement in the NFL market, as the oracle solution already tied knots with LaMelo Ball’s NFT release. The collaboration monitors crucial moments in LaMelo’s career. 

Moreover, names like Saqun Barkley, Aron Rodgers, and Tom Brady have already entered the NFT space. With the industry establishing ties with such names, its global adoption is only a matter of time. 

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