ISTARDUST Collaborates with Stream Protocol

ISTARDUST Collaborates with Stream Protocol

ISTARDUST is a blockchain-powered digital platform that connects subscribers, influencers, and businesses from all corners of the world to generate revenue or to donate money to the media industries. In this process of generating revenue, many unfair incomes get shared for inefficient content production. To overcome this drawback on the platform, ISTARDUST has joined hands with Stream protocol to solve this unfair income sharing.

Stream Protocol is also a blockchain-powered platform with an inbuilt content revenue distribution system that can help the fair distribution of revenue generated out of various Over the Top (OTT) services. Stream protocol utilizes the Content Smart Contract (CSC) mechanism of a blockchain network to solve these revenue-sharing issues in the media industries.

Though the entertainment industry’s total revenue is always on a larger scale, the revenue distribution between the producers and the contributors is often biased; with only a few producers getting the larger share and others receiving only a small percentage of the revenue. CSC aims to eliminate this discrimination.

Therefore, the revenue distribution system needs to be unbiased, and this partnership between ISTARDUST and Stream Protocol aims to bring in such an unbiased revenue distribution system with the help of blockchain technology. With blockchain technology, information, once stored, cannot be modified, which helps to keep the data securely stored.

The Stream Protocol operates exactly in this way, where the producers put information regarding how much they contributed towards the content production on the blockchain. Once they put the information, they cannot change it. After that, the content makers’ profit would be calculated based on the watch time of the viewers according to the agreed contribution rate. This profit will then be distributed impartially and transparently to the actual content makers. To make the process more transparent, the Stream protocol ecosystem has implemented an STPL token system.  

Accordingly, viewers who watch the contents will have to pay the content contributors in STPL tokens. Viewers will only pay for watching the contents and not for watching any advertisements that stream while watching the actual contents. For ads, viewers receive compensation in STPL tokens. Whereas the content makers receive rewards for content production in STPL tokens. Therefore, with this new revenue distribution system, the cost-bearing of content creation is massively reduced.

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