Junca Cash Lists Cross Border Remittance Project on BiKi.com

Junca Cash Lists Cross Border Remittance Project on BiKi.com

In a major announcement with far-reaching implications for the Philippines economy, BiKi.com, a global crypto trading platform Junca Cash will soon be listed on the exchange.

Junca Cash (JCC) plays a very critical role in the Philippines. It is a digital token of the Junca platform that offers a package solution to address the problems of cross-border remittances. This is done through online channels with low handling fees and offline ATMs. Last spring, the Junca platform collaborated with the Philippine government to develop a financial services enterprise.

The advantage of JCC holders is that they can get cheap and high-quality remittance experience. Additionally, the “atom” ATM on the Junca platform will be used to exchange digital assets with normal fiat currencies. The ATMs would use Blockchain

technology to resolve the cross-border remittances issues of overseas Filipino workers.

Even at conservative estimates, the cross-border fund transfer commission is currently set between 10 and 30 percent.

 Junca Cash through the MOU with the Philippine government hopes to bring down the remittance commission rate to 1%. The drop is substantial considering that the total volume of Personal Remittance from Overseas Filipinos is estimated to be 100 billion USD.

The ATM will be launched in all major cities of the Philippines.

Ethan Ng, BiKi.com Southeast Asia’s CEO explains further,

Ethan Ng said

Hisayuki Nagatome, CEO of Junca Holdings and United Nations World Peace Association Ambassador echo similar sentiments. He says that the primary challenge is to strengthen the Asian economy and connect the Junca Group to the world with a focus on creating and expanding the Junca platform. Junca Cash is on an expansion spree and the listing on BiKi.com has helped them meet their goals. This month, they will be releasing the Junca wallet and launching the ATM in 2021. While expanding the user base, Junca Cash will put the elimination of cyber risks on top of their priority list.

BiKi.com with headquarters in Singapore is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Its digital assets platform conducts trading in 280 trading pairs and over 150 cryptocurrencies. The full transaction fees from trading are channeled back into buyback and the burning of platform token BIKI.

The listing of Junca Cash on BiKi.com is a win-win situation for both.

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