EnergiMine, UK Based Blockchain Energy Company To Partner With Hotel Cappuccino


The strategic tie-up has accelerated its pace in the blockchain technology. EnergyMine, a UK based blockchain energy company has just executed its strategic partnership with South Korea based Hotel Cappuccino. The hotel having environment-friendly with shared-value aiming to bring down global energy consumption through cryptocurrency. The hotel situated in an affluent district of Seoul – Gangman where guests select their stay and receive EnergiTokens (ETK) of Energi Mine as compliments.


The tokens can be used for a variety of purposes like paying charges of electric vehicles, energy bills or else it can be exchanged for fiat currency. The company, Energi Mine is exploring to incentivize all those customers that are inclined to energy savings perspectives.

The official announcement for the strategic tie-ups for the EnergiTokens Rewards Platform’s second phase was made on 5th August. With this Energy Mine’s approved vendors were introduced, and the company allowed consumers to reach out with vendors efficiently. Needless to say that Hotel Cappuccino will benefit from the introduced Korean language version of the ETK platform that is consistent with the phase two launch.

Be it any strategic exercise like mergers & acquisitions or strategic partnership, they always create values through the synergy in place. As per the comments given by Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine:

“Korea is a key market for us and our partnership with Hotel Cappuccino is a natural fit…We want individuals to be mindful of the environmental impact of the choices they make, ultimately making over-consumption a social taboo. We look forward to future collaboration and discussing with Hotel Cappuccino how we can encourage behavioral changes on a more individual level using the Energi Token application later this year.”

Hotel Cappuccino’s aim to enrich social responsibility in South Korea through the strategic partnership with Energi Mine that manages more than $140 million worth of energy. Earlier Cappuccino launched “Earn & Giveaway” program through which guests are honored “Angel Coupons” for not using various amenities in their rooms, and those rewarded coupons can be used for a variety of purposes like a free drink at the in-house café, donating to drought combatting charity Water.org.

Based on the strategic partnership created between Energi Mine and Hotel Cappuccino, Chae Hye-Jeong, General Manager of the hotel, states:

“We are delighted to enter into the partnership with Energi Mine and be part of the construction of a new energy ecosystem. Energi Mine manages a substantial amount of energy, disrupting the energy markets through using blockchain technology, not just having ideas. We will work together and bring to life various ideas for creating good shared values in society with Energi Mine from the long-term perspective.”

Let’s not forget that any process coupled with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will add value not only to the entire value chain, but it affects positively the value of all stakeholders involved!!

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