Former advisor of the president of United States to enter crypto currency

president of United States

Crypto currency is seeping into every realm of the lives of the people of the developed countries. It is being discussed in the congress and it is entering the lives of common people through the means of headlines it is making on the day-to-day basis. Every day, something new can be learned about crypto currency, and this has a lot to do with the views expressed for the market, or for specific currencies and also with drastic changes which so often take place in the kind of volatile market that crypto currency is. There is a lot of awareness about this facet of the economic system, and this awareness is increasing through different forms of media. However, the curiosity of the people sees to it that they are not deterred from entering this field.

A very important person making the headlines because of his entry in crypto currency and his ambitions in this field is Steve Bannon. Steve Bannon, who was previously the advisor of the current president of United States of America, Donald Trump, has expressed an interest in coming up with his own token. He has stated that his team is working on the formation of a token and he believes that that crypto currency is the future of the economy. It is believed that this idea was thought about in June but not everything about it was clarified then, now Bannon has clearly stated that there is an intention to come up with his own crypto currency. He also said that crypto currency covers a huge part of the market but there are some problems with it, he said that the problems in the crypto currency markets are primarily due to the way it is used by a large number of people, here hinting at the huge number of illicit motives like money laundering.

Bannon has also gone on to say that very little is right about the ICOs which are existing in the market, that there is a lack of good ICOs in the market of crypto currency today. Further on, he has also put in that the token he is planning to come up with will have a better role to play than that which is played by the ICOs of other kinds existing in the market. He also expressed his positive opinion towards Bitcoin, saying that he “owns” Bitcoin however, has not made any investment in Ethereum.

It is yet to be determined about the time when the crypto currency owned by Bannon will enter the markets, however, it can be hoped that it lives up to what Bannon says that he aims to deliver.

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