Toronto to host 2nd ETHToronto & first-ever ETH Women

Toronto to host 2nd ETHToronto & first-ever ETH Women

Untraceable Events has done it in the past, and the group now looks to do it again while scripting history. The Blockchain Futuristic Conference will host the second annual ETHToronto and the first-ever female-focused ETHWomen Hackathon. It will also focus on empowering the LGBTQ2 community to bring diversity into the world of blockchain technology.

The event is scheduled to start on August 13, 2023, and end on August 16, 2023. It has been termed the most inclusive hackathon event, with a footfall of over a thousand expected this year. The same number was down to 500 in the previous year’s edition.

George Brown College will host the event in collaboration with the Blockchain Development Program. Participants of the hackathon event will get free entry to the Blockchain Futuristic Conference. More than 8,000 attendees are expected to arrive for the conference in Canada.

Participants of the event will be tasked with forming teams to attend workshops and receive mentorship. This will be crucial for those who are eyeing to build an innovative blockchain project. The Blockchain Futuristic Conference is one of the largest Web3 events in Canada.

ETHWomen is being led by CryptoChicks with the goal of providing a supportive environment to women and the LGBTQ2 community. They will be presented with an equal opportunity of collaborating with like-minded individuals to develop solutions that are innovative in nature and help deal with problems that exist in the real world.

Untraceable Events have boosted participation in the past as well. It gave away up to 35 BTC to the top winner of the hackathon event that was organized in 2014. Founded by Tracy Leparulo, the team also organized ETHWaterloo in 2017 and BlockGreeks Hackathon a year before that.

Tracy believes that Toronto has grown to become a hub for decentralized technology, with the city being the birthplace of Ethereum. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Untraceable Events has stated with confidence that the event will continue to bring innovation across the sector for a brighter future and a broader ecosystem of blockchain.

Leparulo believes that empowering women in the industry is a necessary movement and not just a temporary trend. Through the movement, Tracy hopes that the industry soon gets a female leader who will inspire and motivate others to make their moves in blockchain technology.

Participants, irrespective of their gender, will be offered a space to build a network with employers, raise funds for their projects, and display their projects to a large number of experts. Anyone can participate in the hackathon, no matter their geographical location.

Notably, this is the second annual ETHToronto and the first-ever ETHWomen Hackathon. ETHToronto is expected to receive double the number of participants as compared to last year. Meaning the environment will be competitive and ideal for building a network.

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