Bitget, a Cryptocurrency Platform, Has Partnered with Team Spirit

Bitget, a Cryptocurrency Platform, Has Partnered with Team Spirit

Up to this point, one point is certain about 2022 patterns: crypto, as well as NFTs, really aren’t going away. In actuality, it has become much more widely known than ever before.

Although many genuinely think that it is terrible for esports, lots of other people believe the exact opposite, and to be frank, previous crypto collaborations, similar to the ones with Riot Games, have improved the scene. Assume you’ve been keeping up with the Dota 2 scene. In that particular instance, you’re probably familiar with Team Spirit’s incredible underdog story, in which they fought their way to the victory of The International 10 champions by beating PSG. LGD, snatching the top prize of $18,208,300.

With such a victorious achievement, it’s no surprise that everybody wants to support them. Apart from Bitget, Team Spirit also has collaborated with Secretlab and Parimatch in the year, and the year has hardly begun.

Secretlab is a name you’ve likely heard of because they make high-quality gaming seats, and if you’re searching for certain Team Spirit designs, you’ll be allowed to get your hands on them while the collaboration lasts. Several esports organizations already have teamed up with Secretlab, and they are delighted that Team Spirit has become one of them.

It is easy to argue that placing a bet on Team Spirit in 2022 is a wise decision. Not just by how 2021 ended for them, but also because of how 2022 has so far treated them.

It is a cryptocurrency exchange framework where consumers can select, purchase, and start trading various cryptos. If you’re acquainted with esports and cryptocurrency, you’re probably aware that Bitget already has teamed up with PGL, an esports production house, in 2021.

Bitget’s CEO stated that they really are enthusiastic about collaborating with Team Spirit because they share the very same spirit of innovation and discovering different fields both inside and outside of the gaming world. Team Spirit is very enthusiastic about starting educating the \

Team Spirit fan base about cryptos while also offering financial support and assistance to the team. As one might expect, the Bitget branding will be introduced to Team Spirit’s team shirts in the coming years. Aside from that, team fans can intend to take part in various trading contests, giveaways, and promotional offers that Bitget & Team Spirit will enforce in the years ahead. While Valve has decided to suspend the very first Major of 2022, we would have to wait until March to see how Team Spirit continues to perform on the competitive scene this year.

Till then, they may snag a few other collaborations to enhance their strength and determination so that they can dominate the year even more. Cryptocurrency and sports betting companies are seeing an increase in the number of partnerships. Sports betting with cryptocurrency typically allows for much faster withdrawals than are possible when using traditional currencies.

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